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Nutri-Link Ltd was founded by Michael Ash and Antony Haynes back in 1998 as an extension of their very busy clinical lives. Michael and Antony were increasingly using macro and micro nutrients in their practices to bring about optimal health in their patients.

Realising the way to maximise the health outcomes of their patients was to modify diet where required and also supplement with ‘professional quality’ food supplements. Michael and Antony embarked on extensive research to source companies that could consistently demonstrate that their products were manufactured to the highest quality, composed of highest quality raw materials, avoided ‘allergen risk’ components and employed scientists, researchers, experienced medical and non-medical clinicians to provide continued input into product development and efficacy.

In addition, they witnessed that the unique biochemical needs of their patients were not being optimally met by the standard retail products available. The current list of companies that Nutri-Link represents is a direct result of that research.

We believe that when provided with the correct nutrition our bodies have a remarkable capacity to self heal. We also believe that nutrition should be personalised to meet the unique biochemical needs of each individual. It is for these reasons and many more that we set up Nutri-Link Ltd.

Both founders are passionate about seeking evidence for the application and effect of macro and micro nutrients.  This has resulted in pioneering nutritional intervention strategies, independent supported research and many thousands of hours spent reviewing published research papers and journals.

Their early efforts attracted the attention of many nutritionally orientated colleagues who  became very interested in the new  strategies they were employing and the emerging discipline of Functional Medicine they had begun to employ in their clinical life from the early 1990′s.

Michael and Antony believe that nutritional medicine, that is the use of macro and micro nutrients to beneficially help an individual to optimise their health, where possible, should be evidence-based.  For over 20 years they have been attending post graduate educational seminars in the UK and abroad dedicated to learning and understanding the science and application of nutritional medicine.

Articulate RSMNutri-Link has always invested in nutritional medicine education from small, intimate educational groups, to residential courses and international lectures held at the Royal Society of Medicine.  Their education programme seeks to encourage world experts to transfer their knowledge to the widest community of healthcare professionals possible.

Nutri-Link celebrates its 14th birthday in 2012 and as with many practitioners we re looking forward to the experiences and opportunities the year will be bringing.  We look forward to sharing the journey with you!



Michael Ash commences clinical practice with the opening of the Eldon Health Clinic.

Michael began to build his practice whilst an undergraduate of osteopathy and naturopathy and by graduation Michael had registered in excess of 3000 patients.

Michael begins to build a network of like-minded clinicians from the allopathic and the alternative healthcare world.


Antony Haynes commences degree in Sports Science at what is now Brunel University, and graduates in 1987.


Antony starts the Nutrition Consultants Diploma Course at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in Fulham, London graduating in 1992. Antony starts seeing patients at ION, and commences lecturing that same year.


Antony completes the inaugural third year of the ION course, and expands his practice to work in three separate clinics.


Eldon Health clinic moves and expands three times in 1996 to become the largest of Michael’s clinics with 7 consulting rooms and extensive facilities.

Antony establishes The Nutrition Clinic Limited, working in Victoria London before moving to Harley Street premises in 1997.


Antony lectures at six different colleges that offer Nutrition Courses, as well as seeing patients and providing technical support to practitioners.


Nutri-Link Ltd was founded by Michael and fellow founder Antony Haynes with one other employee and moved into the company’s first premises in Newton Abbot, Devon.


Nutri-Link expands by moving into new premises.


Nutri-Link moves to its current location in Milber Trading Estate in Newton Abbot, Devon. Antony reduces his clinic time to focus on providing technical support to practitioners, present workshops and post-graduate lectures.

Antony’s first book, The Insulin Factor, was published including details on how Nutri-Link’s supplements support blood glucose balance.


Antony’s second book, The Food Intolerance Bible, was published including details on how Nutri-Link’s supplements support digestive health. Nutri-Link practitioner workshops are more firmly established occurring twice monthly.


After 25 years of clinical practice and juggling research and lecturing, Michael sells Eldon Health Clinic Ltd. This releases his time to focus on Nutri-Link, research and lecturing.


Antony builds and maintains practitioner contact with one to one appointments, workshops and technical support in conjunction with the expanding team of Nutri-Link nutritionists. Antony continues to achieve exposure to student practitioners by lecturing at six colleges.


10th anniversary of Nutri-Link.

Nutri-Link continues to expand its practitioner base.

Nutri-Link’s educational programme, is becoming recognised as a leader in UK post graduate education for nutritional medicine.

Nutri-Link currently operates with 1 director and 17 employees.


11th anniversary of Nutri-Link. Ongoing development of www.nleducation.co.uk and the expansion of national seminars as well as increased commercial growth.


A challenging year for Nutritional Therapy. There were extensive developments in the EU and new laws affecting the choice and dose of supplements. This requires an ongoing reformulation approach to maintain the efficacy of our unique products in the face of an increasingly restrictive European legal framework. We remain committed to helping Nutritional Therapists and other Nutrition orientated clinicians achieve the best outcomes with their patients through the appropriate use of unique effective formulations.


The founders contribute thee chapters each to books on Nutritional Therapy which are published during the year.

  • Pavillion
  • June 2009

Authors: Michael Ash Antony Haynes and others

I supplied a chapter for this handbook exploring the role of the mucosal surfaces in depression via the neural and endocrine feedbacks driven by altered gastrointestinal function and the increased production of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

  • Singing Dragon
  • 2010

Authors: Michael Ash and others

A compilation of chapters on the role of functional medicine and dysfunctional humans! I wrote the chapter on immune system dysfunction from a gastrocentric perspective.

  • Pavilion Publishing (Brighton) Ltd
  • December 10, 2011

Authors: Michael Ash Antony Haynes and others

I contributed a chapter on the role of the immune system in addiction and how it may be beneficially manipulated to reduce addictive behaviour through suitable food selection.

  • Gastroenterol Res Pract. 2011;2011:161358. Epub 2011 Oct 26
  • October 10, 2011

Authors: Michael Ash and others

I was one of five authors who contributed to this review paper


The company continues to grow and invest in education and product development. The opportunity to host the first and second applying functional medicine in clinical practice seminars reflect our ongoing commitment to international based education. With many changes enshrined in EU law over the last few years this will be a busy year for continued compliance.

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