Allergy Research Group

Dr Stephen Levine PhD founded the Allergy Research Group in 1979 when he developed a range of sophisticated hypoallergenic supplements. Over 29 years later the company enjoys a global reputation for its high quality, effective and pure products, which currently number over 250. Dr Levine continues to work tirelessly to bring the latest ideas in nutritional medicine to clinicians and collaborates closely with many of the most eminent functional medicine physicians around the world in formulating and developing new nutritional supplements. This constant development of innovative new products means that Allergy Research Group sets itself at the leading edge of nutritional supplements.

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Biotics Research Corporation

Biotics Research CorporationA remarkably effective range of over 200 products from the Houston-based Biotics Research Corporation provides a range of supplements built on quality and innovation. Biotics Research Corporation produces exemplary products and allies that with the highest standards of production and raw material selection; they are a licensed pharmaceutical company that only manufacture food supplements. Established for over 30 years, Biotics Research’s on-site manufacturing facilities employ rigorous quality control procedures and a dedicated in-house research team. The use of pure and applied research combined with their close links with many varied areas in the world of nutrition and their support of practitioner education programmes ensures effective and clinically relevant supplements.

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BodyBioFounded in 1995 by Dr Patricia Kane, BodyBio and E-Lyte provide a mix of innovative specialist fatty acids and other nutrients, as well as a combination of blood test reports and fatty acid analysis. The PK protocol developed by Dr Kane has provided patients all over the world with successful resolution or diminution of their symptoms. Her exceptional understanding of complex fatty acid chemistry provides clinicians with a unique opportunity to effect positive changes in complex patients.

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Nordic Naturals

Since 1995, Nordic Naturals has been the industry leader in fish oil supplementation, setting standards of excellence in the areas of purity, freshness, taste, and sustainability. With a reputation for efficacy and potency, Nordic Naturals fish oils and EFA blends are regularly chosen by independent research institutions and universities with 9 peer-reviewed, published scientific studies already completed and 20 more currently underway. Distributing to over 20 countries on 6 continents, Nordic Naturals offers over 150 products in a variety of flavours, concentrations, and delivery forms. Nordic Naturals continues to deliver on its promise of innovation and quality you can trust.

Nordic Naturals’ products are molecularly distilled utilising the latest distillation technology yielding positively zero trans fats. This process guarantees the removal of any heavy metals (lead, mercury, etc) PCBs and dioxins. As an example, Nordic Naturals’ dioxin level is estimated to be the lowest in the world. Low heat and ultra short residence time is used during the distillation process to ensure positively no damage to the oil. A final enzyme process is applied to ensure a completely repeat free (i.e. burp free) product, helping to explain why children and teenagers of all ages love these products.

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Medical Resonance Therapy Music

Medical Resonance Therapy Music originated from the work of the musical composer Peter Huebner and medical scientists. Recognising that Peter Huebner had produced music of the highest technical quality the Doctors wanted to see if the music could produce distinct and measurable changes in the physiology of their patients. Employing the ‘natural laws of harmony’ this unique musical therapy has gained a tremendous following among medical professionals seeking to optimise the health of their patients.

Some 100 studies have been undertaken, with many being published in peer reviewed journals. No other branch of music has undergone such a rigorous evaluation, achieving international recognition as the most successful “anti-stress remedy in the world” at the International Conference “Society, Stress and Health” of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Medical resonance Therapy Music enjoys support from many branches of medicine and from the success of individual patients. This ongoing collaboration has resulted in a wide range of specific Medical Resonance Therapy Music compilations aimed at particular health problems. The research continues to attract interested scientists as the use of MRTM represents a safe and effective adjuvant to clinical care and restoration of health through employing the ‘natural laws of harmony’.


Each patient is unique, requiring a personalised diet that considers underlying causes, not just symptoms. FoodPharmacy’s Diet Therapy™ Software allows you to effectively create patient diets to address biochemical individuality and current health issues beyond weight management. Plus, FoodPharmacy’s Diet Therapy™ Software is the only nutritional software program anywhere that can combine a holistic with an allopathic approach, a strategy that has historically yielded superior results. No other software can do this.

FoodPharmacy’s Diet Therapy™ Software allows you to create diets by using a simple Patient Intake checklist completed during the patient interview. Data entry, which only takes a few minutes, can then be delegated to an assistant. The program factors all criteria together and creates a clear, colour-coded food list proven to increase patient compliance.

By simply clicking a mouse, FoodPharmacy’s Diet Therapy™ Software allows you to quickly, easily and simply adjust a patient’s macronutrient ratios and intake of food source vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids. Within minutes, you can combine those criteria with any combination of Ayurvedic type, metabolic type, body type, or Oriental food qualities. You can even factor out blood type allergens based on Dr. Laura Power’s 20 year research project – exclusively available in our software only. In addition, you can factor in proven therapeutic diets for hundreds of medical conditions. The program’s logic prevents cross interference, so you can safely treat one condition without worsening another.

FoodPharmacy’s Diet Therapy™ Software allows medical doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists, and other healthcare providers to effectively create diets that address a patient’s biochemical individuality and current health issues – not just weight management. No other program can do this. To learn more and take a free trial visit their web site.

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