Not all forms of nutrients can be delivered in a liquid form, but some can. Nutri-Link stocks many different combinations of liquid nutrients and fatty acids to assist people, including children, who have difficulty with tablets, capsules and powders.

The most commonly sought liquid formula is the multi vitamin and mineral Aqueous Multi Plus (Biotics Research) which provides useful levels of vitamins (except folic acid which is not sustainable in liquid form) and minerals, in a naturally sweet, orange-flavoured base, making it popular for children and older folk alike. One tablespoon a day is the adult dose, with 1 teaspoon for children.

Biotics Research are also very proud of their industry-leading fully emulsified vitamins A, D, E & K.

Nordic Naturals oils have won taste awards, as well as purity & quality awards, and are quite delicious and have no after-taste.

Body Bio’s range of ionic-form minerals caters to individual needs with specific mineral needs, when a multi mineral is not appropriate.

Most of the products are ready to consume, with a handful requiring dilution in water or additional preparation prior to ingestion, but the aim is the same – high quality bioavailable nutrients in liquid form.

Related products available at Nutri-Link:

Code Product description Type Size Supplier
5223 Amino Acid Quick-Sorb™ Liq 60ml BRC
1735 Aqua Mag-CL™ Liq 237ml BRC
1729 Aqueous Chromium™ Liq 15ml BRC
1158 Aqueous Multi-Plus™ Liq 474ml BRC
1728 Aqueous Selenium™ Liq 15ml BRC
1731 Aqueous Zinc™ Liq 119ml BRC
58784 Arctic Cod Liver Oil – Lemon Liq 237ml NN
54786 Arctic Cod Liver Oil – Orange Liq 474ml NN
54784 Arctic Cod Liver Oil – Orange Liq 237ml NN
55784 Arctic Cod Liver Oil – Peach Liq 237ml NN
53784 Arctic Cod Liver Oil – Plain Liq 237ml NN
56781 Arctic Cod Liver Oil – Strawberry Liq 237ml NN
04103 Arctic Omega™ Liquid – Lemon Liq 237ml NN
58782 Arctic-D Cod Liver Oil Liq 237ml NN
EC100 Balanced Electrolyte Liq 592ml BB
1002 Bio-AE-Mulsion Forte™ Liq 30ml BRC
1004 Bio-AE-Mulsion™ Liq 30ml BRC
1012 Bio-D-Mulsion Forte™ Liq 30ml BRC
1007 Bio-D-Mulsion™ Liq 30ml BRC
1006 Bio-E-Mulsion Forte™ Liq 30ml BRC
1011 Bio-K-Mulsion™ (500mcg per drop) Liq 30ml BRC
SP100 BodyBio Oil 4:1 Oil Liq 474ml BB
SP550 BodyBio PC Liquid (3000 mg./tsp) Liq 474ml BB
SP500 BodyBio PC Liquid (3000 mg./tsp) Liq 237ml BB
73520 Cytolog® Spray Liq 125ml ARG
03183 DHA Junior Liquid – Strawberry Liq 120ml NN
72350 Flax Seed Oil Liq 237ml ARG
75880 Licorice Solid Extract Liq 120ml ARG
75120 LipoPhos EDTA Liq 60ml ARG
LM405 Liquid Chromium – No. 5 Liq 120ml BB
LM205 Liquid Chromium – No. 5 Liq 60ml BB
LM204 Liquid Copper – No. 4 Liq 60ml BB
LM404 Liquid Copper – No. 4 Liq 120ml BB
1730 Liquid Iodine Liq 60ml BRC
1736 Liquid Iodine Forte™ Liq 60ml BRC
LM209 Liquid Iodine- No. 9 Liq 60ml BB
LM403 Liquid Magnesium – No. 3 Liq 120ml BB
LM203 Liquid Magnesium – No. 3 Liq 60ml BB
LM406 Liquid Manganese – No. 6 Liq 120ml BB
LM206 Liquid Manganese – No. 6 Liq 60ml BB
LM800 Liquid Mineral Premix – 1 to 7 (No Copper) Liq 237ml BB
LM218 Liquid Mineral Set – 1 to 8 Liq 480ml BB
LM418 Liquid Mineral Set – 1 to 8 Liq 960ml BB
70700 Liquid Molybdenum Liq 30ml ARG
LM207 Liquid Molybdenum – No. 7 Liq 60ml BB
LM407 Liquid Molybdenum – No. 7 Liq 120ml BB
LM401 Liquid Potassium – No.1 Liq 120ml BB
LM201 Liquid Potassium – No.1 Liq 60ml BB
LM408 Liquid Selenium – No. 8 Liq 120ml BB
LM208 Liquid Selenium – No. 8 Liq 60ml BB
LM402 Liquid Zinc – No. 2 Liq 120ml BB
LM202 Liquid Zinc – No. 2 Liq 60ml BB
75360 Mucolyxir® Liq 12ml ARG
72530 Mycocyclin®, Mushroom Extract Liq 30ml ARG
04092 ProEFA® Liquid – Lemon Liq 237ml NN
12123 ProOmega® Liquid – Lemon Liq 120ml NN
70120 Selenium Solution Liq 237ml ARG
70320 Solution of Magnesium Liq 237ml ARG
75090 Taurox™ 6X Nanotech Nutrients® Liq 13.5ml ARG
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