Capsules or tablets are not suitable for some people, they require a liquid or powdered form of supplementation. Nutri-Link has many powdered products to fulfil one or more of these nutritional needs:

  1. Make a supplement more palatable than an encapsulated one
  2. Provide a wide array of nutrients that would be too numerous in capsule form
  3. For delivery of a greater dose of the product than is achievable with capsules or tablets
  4. Provide protein in sufficient dosing for optimal daily intake

Some powdered combination products are too complex to make available in capsule form and are ideally suited to powder. Examples of these products are: Dr. Wilson’s Dynamite Adrenal, Allergy Research’s Fast & Be Clear, Biotics Research’s Nutri-Clear products and Allergy Research’s Steady On, Take Heart, Wholly Immune.These products require adding to water or juice to taste.

Related products available at Nutri-Link:

Code Product description Type Size Supplier
76410 Arthred® Collagen Formula (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 900g ARG
72890 Arthred® Collagen Formula (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 240g ARG
1282 Bio-BifidoBacT Pwdr 75g BRC
1205 BioDophilus-FOS™ Pwdr 113g BRC
74270 Buffered Vitamin C Pwdr (Cassava Source) Pwdr 300g ARG
70000 Buffered Vitamin C Pwdr (Corn Source) Pwdr 240g ARG
1770 C/Cal/Mag™ Powder (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 220ml BRC
75900 Calm/Recharge™ (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 250g ARG
72170 Cellulose Powder Pwdr 250g ARG
5231 D-Ribose (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 300g BRC
76150 Dr Wilson’s Dynamite Adrenal (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 900g ARG
75760 Dr Wilson’s Dynamite Adrenal (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 300g ARG
SP375 Egg Protein Powder Large (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 1.13kg BB
SP370 Egg Protein Powder Small (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 340g BB
74230 Fast & Be Clear (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 900g ARG
SP350 Flax Meal Pwdr 425g BB
70560 Flax Seed Powder Pwdr 454g ARG
71920 FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) Pwdr 100g ARG
6502 GamOctaPro™ Powder (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 454g BRC
6630 IAG™ (Arabinogalactans) Pwdr 100g BRC
73900 ImmunoPro® Rx (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 300g ARG
5229 L-Carnitine Powder Pwdr 100g BRC
74760 L-Citrulline Pwdr 100g ARG
72130 L-Glutamine Pwdr 200g ARG
5209 L-Glutamine Powder Pwdr 500g BRC
6810 Mixed Ascorbate Powder™ Pwdr 300g BRC
71990 Modified Citrus Pectin Powder (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 454g ARG
3400 MSM Powder Pwdr 454g BRC
6401/td> NutriClear® Berry Pwdr 836g BRC
6400 NutriClear® (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 836g BRC
75070 Osteo-Vi-Min® Powder (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 315g ARG
72490 Perm A Vite® Pwdr 300g ARG
56550 ProBerry-Amla™ Pwdr 265g ARG
56550 ProBerry-Amla™ Stick Packs Pkts 15 ARG
51540 ProGreens® Powder (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 263g ARG
51550 ProGreens® Travel Size (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 145g ARG
75020 Pure Vitamin C Powder (Cassava) Pwdr 120g ARG
70020 Pure Vitamin C Powder (Corn) Pwdr 120g ARG
75600 RenewPro™ (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 300g ARG
6425 Rice Protein Concentrate (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 680g BRC
75710 Russian Choice Immune™ Powder Pwdr 75g ARG
75690 SlimGreens (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 180g ARG
73810 Steady On (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 900g ARG
73580 Steady On (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 300g ARG
71130 SymBiotics with FOS Powder Pwdr 140g ARG
73710 Take Heart ll without Hormones (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 900g ARG
73840 Take Heart ll without Hormones (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 900g ARG
SP345 Vitamin ‘C’ Crystals Pwdr 454g BB
SP340 Vitamin ‘C’ Crystals Pwdr 180g BB
6420 Whey Protein Isolate (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 454g BRC
73560 Wholly Immune (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 300g ARG
73820 Wholly Immune (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 900g ARG
74910 XCraving Formula® (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 300g ARG
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