This list of supplements includes those products that do not fit neatly into any specific body system or condition-related list. They have however, been designed with a specific biochemical purpose and many are favourites with practitioners in the USA and UK. Many of the products have multiple uses for patients. Please refer to the product information on this website or the product catalogues or the product manuals in order to learn more about them.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our technical team on 08450 760 402 to discuss any one of these ‘special’ products.

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Code Product description Type Size Supplier
ACF90 Adrenal C Formula Caps 90 DRW
ACF150 Adrenal C Formula Caps 150 DRW
AR90 Adrenal Rebuilder Caps 90 DRW
AR150 Adrenal Rebuilder Caps 150 DRW
70110 Aller-Aid Formula II Caps 100 ARG
1142 Bio-GGG-B™ Special B Complex Tabs 60 BRC
1316 Bioctasol Forte® Tabs 90 BRC
7810 Butyric-Cal-Mag™ Caps 180 BRC
75900 Calm/Recharge™ (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 250g ARG
34210 D Mannose Powder 100gm Pwdr 100g BT
34250 D Mannose Powder 50gm Pwdr 50g BT
12101 DNZ-2 100mg Caps 100 BT
12301 DNZ-2 250mg Caps 100 BT
75910 FibroBoost™ Caps 75 ARG
75790 Fibronol® Caps 150 ARG
6710 Gammanol Forte™ (with FRAC) Tabs 90 BRC
74960 MetabolicZyme Tabs 900 ARG
75990 MicroChitosan Caps 60 ARG
72060 Modified Citrus Pectin Capsules Caps 120 ARG
71990 Modified Citrus Pectin Powder (VAT Exempt) Pwdr 454g ARG
75360 Mucolyxir® Liq 12ml ARG
NS45 Nat-Sim Caps 45 DRW
NTFAC150 NT Factor Advanced Pysician’s Formula Tabs 150 NTI
76710 NT Factor Energy Lipids Pwdr 150g ARG
76700 NT Factor Healthy Aging Formula Tabs 120 ARG
76700 NT Factor Healthy Curb Formula Tabs 180 ARG
1291 Nuclezyme-Forte™ Caps 90 BRC
1303 OOrganik-15™ Tabs 180 BRC
75840 Phytocort™ Caps 120 ARG
56550 ProBerry-Amla™ Pwdr 265g ARG
56550 ProBerry-Amla™ Stick Packs Pkts 15 ARG
NTPRO60 Propax Gold w/NT Factor Pkts 60 NTI
8000 Red Yeast Rice Caps 90 BRC
74060 Slumberol Tabs 100 ARG
74740 SynovoDerma Soft Gel 150 ARG
75090 Taurox™ 6X Nanotech Nutrients® Liq 13.5ml ARG
74120 VascuStatin Formula Caps 120 ARG
SP800 Viobin – Prometol (570 mg./cap) Soft Gels 100 BB
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