Nutri-Link offers a small selection of test kits for in office and clinic use. From the very useful FDA approved Gastro-Test for determining hypo/hyperchlorhydria to the visual contrast kit for sophisticated visual field assessment they have been selected to meet common clinical requirements.

Related products available at Nutri-Link:

Code Product description Type Size Supplier
73140 Enema Kit Kit Single Use ARG
GASTRO Gastro Test Kit Single Use HDC
SAMPLES Individual Replacements and Refills Refill 1 BRC
LM900 Taste Test Kit 1 to 8 Filled Kit 1 BB
LM200 Taste Test Kit 1 to 8 Filled + Set 1-8 60ml Minerals Kit 1 BB
1100 Test Kit – 140 Items Kit 1 BRC
VT100 Visual Contrast Test Kit Kit 1 BB
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