The pancreas is a large gland that lies behind your stomach. It is an essential organ that produces the hormone insulin, responsible for regulating your blood sugar levels. If your pancreas stops working properly, as in the case of pancreatitis, your risk of developing diabetes increases.

Another important function that your pancreas carries out is the secretion of several digestive enzymes into your small intestine, through a tube called the pancreatic duct. In fact, 98% of the output of the pancreas is its exogenous output of digestive enzymes. Normally these enzymes do not become active until they reach your small intestine where they begin digesting fats, proteins and carbohydrates from the foods you eat. However, in sufferers of pancreatitis, these enzymes become prematurely active inside the pancreas and actually start digesting the pancreas itself.

Nutrients that are able to reduce inflammation have been found to be effective for alleviating both acute and chronic cases of pancreatitis. Also, Evening Primrose Oil is a well-known anti-inflammatory that has been found to be beneficial.

Another nutrient used for pancreatic health is betaine and this supports gastrointestinal health at the same time. Repeat attacks of pancreatitis can cause a vitamin B12 deficiency, which increases the risk of anaemia.

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